30 December 2009

New Anthology Cover!

Check it out! I got the cover art for the upcoming anthology from Torquere Press.

My short story, Play Music, Play Magic, will be in this anthology that comes out on 13 January 2010. This is a magic-themed (obviously), m/m/f anthology and I'm totally jazzed to see all the other stories in it! I'll have a bit of a blog party leading up to it, so check back for that.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year's Eve!


Anonymous said...

So exciting. Is this your first MMF? I've no doubt it will be fabulous. I remember a girl who spent all of 7th and 8th grades singing, acting, writing epic fantasy, and reading comics (I guess now they're graphic novels) about polyamorous elves. Oh yes, and hosting/attending coed slumber-parties with girls and boys who all liked the same boys. Had you grown up to write straight vanilla contemporaries for Harlequin... Well. That would have been a tragic waste.I've been meaning to send a quick congratulatory note since just after Jimothy Redwing came out in print, but life (3 kids -constant mayhem) keeps getting in the way. So, congrats and...um...Rock On (or whatever equivalent phrase is currently in use - most days I just repeat "Get down from there! Where are your pants?!" over and over. I miss grown-ups.)happy new year, nonnie

Maia Strong said...

Nonnie!? OMFG! So great to hear from you! Whee! This is my first published m/m/f. I'll be submitting my novel-length one once I get it back from my beta readers. ::checks watch:: tick-tock, tick tock