06 October 2011

Can't comment?

I was informed that some folks have been unable to comment here due to some glitch that wouldn't show them the word verification they needed to type in. I have turned that requirement off temporarily. Please, if you've had this problem, comment on this post to let me know and tell me in that post what browser you were using at the time. I'm wondering if it's a browser issue or something else entirely.

Many thanks!

03 October 2011


Well, one announcement. My novel Client Privilges is currently out of print (as of 1 Oct). My apologies for not warning you (in case you wanted it but hadn't picked it up yet). I've been so crazy busy lately that I failed to be on top of this impending event. I'm hoping to make the book available again in the near future, and I'll be sure to let you know when that happens. Thanks!