28 June 2010

Busy, busy

I got my admin doc back to my editor, including an extra scene written especially for release day for False Dawn, and now I'm going through the edits from the FLE (that's Final Line Editor, in case you don't know the term). We're in the home stretch now!

I'm thinking of throwing a blog party to celebrate the new release. I mean, we all like to celebrate, right? And every new release deserves a party! Since release day is 26 July, which is high summer here in the northern hemisphere, I'm thinking a barbecue is in order. So, with that in mind, check back for a long-weekend barbecue! There'll be burgers and grilled veggies. Maybe we'll even throw a pizza on the coals, who knows? And s'mores. There must be s'mores. And maybe a prize or two. ;-)

07 June 2010

Cover art!

New cover arrived today! Whee! It is made of awesome and I *heart* it!

See? Is it not gorgeous? :D :D ::happy dances::