31 May 2008

Blog Party Approacheth!

Just a few more days until my blog party week begins! Starting on Wednesday 4 June and counting down to the release of The Ballad of Jimothy Redwing on 10 June we will be partying here at Just add coffee. There will be excerpts, backgound information on the story and its world, a guest blogger, and prizes! Stay tuned for the fun. :D

27 May 2008


The Ballad of Jimothy Redwing is not only on page one of the Coming Soon pages over at Samhain but its blub is posted at last, too! I'm counting down to 10 June...

This is your first official warning that I'll be having a week-long blog party right here starting on 4 June. There will be prizes! (Well, at least one, hopefully more. We'll see.) There will be exerpts! Other than that I have no idea what there will be, but my good buddy Kate Davies has promised to help guide me through my first blog party. So be sure to check back in the coming week to see what's up. We'll all find out together. ;D

20 May 2008

Map me!

Nicked this from Kate Davies lovely blog. There are some serious gaps in my travel. ::sigh::

13 May 2008

You know, it's true.

White people do like grammar. ;D

A friend sent me that link today and I had to share it. The whole blog cracks me up and this post is particularly dear to my heart. Because--dammit!--the Oxford Comma is never optional in my world!

He also sent me this. He really knows me far better than I realized.

12 May 2008


Check it out:

Until this weekend, the last pro baskeball game I had attended was in 1977.

This past Saturday, the hubby and I were going to go to an event.

We were offered tickets to see a Storm pre-season game with friends who had extras.

We declined due to the afformentioned event.

An hour or so passed.

The hubby discovered that the event happened the previous Saturday.

I suggest seeing if the basketball tickets are still available.

By luck, they are.

We attend.

Two of the seats are courtside; two are in row 14; all are in the same section.

We girls sit down front for the first half and swap with the boys for the second half.

As we swap I hear my name shouted from farther up.

It is a good friend from college whom I've not seen in more than six years.

(Think the kismet stops there? Hang onto your hat...)

She was offered tickets by a friend, but declined due to other plans.

Those plans were cancelled/fell through/somethingorother.

She called her friend back but the tickets were no longer available.

Her friend called another friend who called her to say, "I have tickets for tonight that I'm not using. Would you like them?"

She said, "Yes!"

Those tickets were in the same section as ours.

Thirteen dozen layers of coincidence later, we hugged a lot, chatted a bit, I gave her a card and told her about my book, and I wrote my phone numbers on the back.

She will, of course, be invited to my release party in June. :-)

Oh. And the Storm won the game.

How freakin' awesome was that? :-D

08 May 2008

TRS Studio Diva Contest

I'm not a participant in this contest so I feel free to talk it up with impunity. ;) I went to the site yesterday and read all--yes, all--of the entries. I narrowed down my list of preferred entries to five and if you want to know the numbers I'll be posting them at the end here. Just skip it if you want to read the entries with an unbiased eye. I'm not saying which one I voted for. If you read the ones on my short list and you know me, you'll likely be able to make a good guess at it anyway. Here's a link to the contest. TRS Studio Diva Contest

ETA: In all my recoding of this post (Not really happy with blogspot on its formatting quirks.) I forgot to point out my one disappointment with the contest. All of the entries were het. What up with that? The designated scenario was perfectly gender-neutral, so why no m/m or f/f?






Okay. That looks like enough room to me. My short list of contest entries is:

31480; 47639; 59346; 62590; 2799

05 May 2008

Writing Exercise

The round robin at Slash & Burn finished up today. It was a fascinating and fun exercise for me to participate. I don't know any of the other authors personally and am not familiar yet with their works and styles, so trying to write my rounds so they would jive with the others was challenging. I don't know how well I succeeded. lol

Most of my round robin work has been with a friend I've known for over 20 years. We started writing together in the 1980s and have kept up the tradition on an irregular but not infrequent basis. This was very different. She and I have different styles but over the years we've learned to blend them. There are times when I can't remember which of us wrote a particular installment, for example. We've both gotten pretty good at picking up on the clues we leave one another in each round. In the Slash & Burn story, it was a toss up what, if anything, each author would take from the previous one(s). Often they didn't take the path I would have, but that's part of the fun of communal writing. It's like one of those old "choose your own adventure" books, only you're making it up as you go along.

I had a good time. Hopefully we'll do another one sometime--but without the vampires, please.