31 December 2009

Spammers and Pirates

Spammers are just stupid. What makes them think they can comment on something (with their for-shit grammar and spelling and their link to their illegal activities) and I won't find it and delete it? Seriously. Stupid.

Pirates (not the cool kind that fight global warming and worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster, those are the good pirates) are evil and should have their hard drives melted down for slag. If I could find a way to embed code into my ebooks that fried the hard drive of anyone who illegally downloaded it, I would. But I'm a writer, not a programmer.

30 December 2009

New Anthology Cover!

Check it out! I got the cover art for the upcoming anthology from Torquere Press.

My short story, Play Music, Play Magic, will be in this anthology that comes out on 13 January 2010. This is a magic-themed (obviously), m/m/f anthology and I'm totally jazzed to see all the other stories in it! I'll have a bit of a blog party leading up to it, so check back for that.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year's Eve!

18 December 2009

Friday Quizzage Holiday Edition 2

There is exactly one sentence in here that is true. I'll leave it to your imagination to guess which one. ;-D Frankly, I find this hilarious!

You are Brightly Optimistic

During the holidays, you're the one who has a bit of cheer for everyone.

Even when things get hectic and chaotic, you keep on smiling.

You believe it's important to have a spirit of generosity and gratitude all the time... but especially this time of year.

You get more satisfaction from giving than receiving. You're always going out of your way to improve someone's day a little.

17 December 2009

Gone international!

And I don't mean Canada and the UK. Apparently, my lastest book, Client Privileges, is available in France (scroll down) and my first book, The Ballad of Jimothy Redwing, is available in India.

How much do I love Google Alerts? Seriously. HOW MUCH? :-D

11 December 2009

Friday Quizzage - Holiday Edition!

You Are Eggnog

Your holiday personality is indulgent.

The holidays are when you enjoy your favorite treats without abandon.

And while you're a bit greedy for your favorite goodies, you aren't selfish.

You're the type who makes a whole bunch of holiday treats and gives them to everyone you know.

I think they mean with abandon, but I could be wrong. ;-D

09 December 2009

More Traditions

Another seasonal tradition I thoroughly enjoy is the ridiculously entertaining Haggis Hunt from TheScotsman.com. Really, it's an excuse to watch webcams of places I'd rather be (esp. Edinburgh). The hunt begins on St. Andrew's Day (of course) and ends on Burns Night (of course, again). The migration over Hogmanay (or New Year's to us New Worlders) is particularly impressive. I've been hunting haggi for years and ever once won a prize. Not even a coffee mug or a key chain. But I still get a kick out of it--if only because I can watch the sunrise on Edinburgh Castle, which I would never see were I actually in Edinburgh.

This year, a friend sent a link to something else haggis-related. It's a most...disturbing song by Peter Sellers from an album of Captain Beaky and his Band. I'd never heard of them, and I probably could have gone my whole life without hearing the song, but still it amused me. The Haggis Season mp3. Don't click unless you have Quicktime Player and a strong constitution.

08 December 2009

Holiday Traditions

(Cross-posting from S&B today because I liked my post and wanted to share it with folks here, too.)

Everyone has something that's a tradition, right? And many people have holiday-related traditions. Whether it's the family trip to find the right Christmas tree, or making Grandma's "secret recipe" latkes for Hannukah, or going from one friend's home to another delivering Solstice prezzies. Around here, a big tradition is the annual Rankin-Bass Gingerbread party. I posted about it last year, too, so even that's become a tradition. ;) This year's decorating was tamer than most. There was no gay frat house, no gingerbread brothel, no Victorian home that was crashed by a satellite or the object of a drive-by shooting. (Yes, we've made all of those in the past.) Just an Eye of Sauron, a gnome impaled on a tree, and a monkey in a tar pit, among other random things. (What's a Swiss chalet without a giraffe out back, right?) But really, that's not the point but simply the excuse to get together with friends and family. Hanging out, talking, laughing, eating, and being silly. It's been a rough year around here, both in my and my husband's life and around the area generally. Too much death and sadness, you know? So having a tradition like this, which is utterly bizarre and absurd, is a wonderful thing to have. A few hours of fun to remind us that life can be good and that people can be good, too.

So how about you? What traditions do you have that you look forward to each year? They don't have to be Decemeber ones, either, just those things your year wouldn't be complete without.