22 June 2011


So, that f/f novel that I wrote very quickly and sent to beta came back from first-round, got edited (and expanded to ~52K so yay that) and is with another beta. I'm hoping I'll get it back this week, or maybe Monday. I really want to get it turned around and subbed as soon as possible. Assuming it's worth subbing. I wrote the draft of the synopsis yesterday. ... I hate writing synopses. But you know that already. I hope the book is better than the synopsis, because, dude, seriously. You know what I mean?

Also, I just started to re-read my YA novel. I finally put it into a font that won't make your eyes bleed. (I guess it's been long enough since I finished the first draft that the main character is willing to let go on that point.) It's really good, IMO, and I don't even feel like I'm bragging because I don't feel like I wrote it. I just channeled the 13-year-old in my head. She's the one who wrote it; I just typed it and clarified a few small points. I think I'm going to ask the YA book club that I'm in to read it. I'd love to hear what they think, get their feedback on it. Then I have to decide whether to sub it somewhere or just self-pub through amazon.com. I really don't know.

Okay. That's it. Summer was yesterday. It was gorgeous. I look forward to it again next year. :-P

08 June 2011

Free Preview

Curious to see something other than a steamy snippet? Well, you'll find the first chapter of my latest release, Compass Hearts, right here. Enjoy!

06 June 2011

That was interesting...

I finished the manuscript I mentioned recently. It's not quite a novel (~900 words short, d'oh!). It's gone to beta (on which I've asked for a ridiculously quick turn-around). And it's a prime example of what you can accomplish when you get out of your own way. (It also helps to have an arbitrary, semi-self-imposed deadline, but that's another post.) See, I started this particular story in the spring of 2008. I know, I know. No need to tell me how lame I am; I am fully aware. But you see, I was trying to make the story something it wasn't, and so every time I revisited it, I kept getting stuck at roughly the same place.

Cue the arbitrary, semi-self-imposed deadline...

I looked at what I had--and promptly cut 3200 words off the end of it because THEY JUST DIDN'T MATTER. And roughly three weeks later I have a completed almost-novel. (I tried to tip it over the 50K mark, I really did. But the story was having none of it.) I also have a nifty (IMO) new culture and some seriously steamy (IMO) f/f goodness. Now to see what my beleaguered betas have to say. Which reminds me, another friend offered to beta this one. I should see if she was serious. The more the merrier, right?