28 April 2008

Weekend fun!

I had a great weekend! My bellydance troupe performed at the annual Saqra's Showcase in Hillsboro, OR and it was much, much fun, as always! The monkey noises as we were announced were a wonderful greeting from our friends in the audience. And best of all, Kate Davies came to see us, and she brought along Lucy Monroe and Lucy's lovely daughters. What a treat! I had a great time chatting with them before we danced and at dinner later that night. Thanks again for coming, ladies!

And for a little Monday sillyness before I get back to my edits, I give you my battle cry:

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Yea, verily: Who is that, prowling on the wasteland! It is Maia, hands clutching a vorpal blade! She grunts homicidally:

"Vengeance and goo flow from my veins! I shall discombobulate the entire world!!!"

Find out!
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18 April 2008

Friday Quizzage

What Your Taste in Chocolate Says About You

You are sophisticated, modern, and high class.

Your taste is refined, but you are not picky.

You are often the first to try something new.

You are driven and focused. You crave success.

A total perfectionist, you hold yourself to high standards.

While you live a charmed life, people feel like you are too hard on them.

You love new adventures and activities. You enjoy living a full life, even if it is chaotic.

You feel lost when things are quiet. You rather not think... you prefer to just do!

11 April 2008


O.M.G. I am forced to laugh at myself or I shall go mad.

I'm working on edits for The Ballad of Jimothy Redwing. I have learned it's not Samhain house style to use the Oxford (a.k.a. serial) comma. Okay. This shouldn't be a big deal, right? I mean, unless you're a lawyer, the Oxford comma goes in and out of fashion with some regularity. It's out right now; it'll come back in again at some point; then it'll be right back out again. And yet... It is so ingrained in me to use it that it is literally making me cringe when I try to delete it. I can't make myself do it yet and I've been trying off and on all morning. I think tomorrow night, maybe, with a big glass of wine to dull the pain, maybe... Meantime I'm flinching like Gollum when he's faced with anything Elvish: It hurts us, Precioussss. It hurtsss usssss!

10 April 2008


I celebrated my b-day by going to the spa to soak in hot water with friends. I also got a body scrub and a moisture treatment from a small, powerful Korean woman. Bliss!

Came home to a purry kitty and a honey who bought me a pot of pretty flowers. Yay!

Catching up on email, I got one from my editor with the first round edits on my novel! Whee!

Happy birthday to me! ::happy dancing--in the mellowest sense of the term:: ;D

04 April 2008

Friday's Silly Quizzage

You are a Romantic Realist

Okay, so you fall in the middle.
You know that love isn't like a greeting card...
Yet you can always find a greeting card to describe your feelings.

You are the best of both worlds
Girly yet independent, dreamy yet serious.
Almost any guy can find balance with you.

03 April 2008

Gooey brain

Yes, my brain is officially goo. I just finished proofreading the rough draft of my latest novel. It now might be decent enough to send to my beta readers, although none of them have the time right now. That's okay. I think this one needs a second curing process and (gods help me) a second proofread before leaving my harddrive for another's.