10 September 2010

Keep trying!

Some of you who are participating in the Torquere Lucky 7 Scavenger Hunt may have had trouble getting to my website to hunt down the card there last night or this morning. Seems there was a bit of server troubled that's been worked, at least out for the moment. There may be a brief outage in the near future, but that will come with warning that I will do my best to pass on to you.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

03 September 2010

Lucky 7 Contest

The contest is underway! Have you popped over to Torquere's contest page to check out the nifty gifties? There are free books, weekly gift baskets, and even a Nook ebook reader! Dude? How cool is that? There are links there to all the authors who are pariticipating in the scavenger hunt, too, so go check it out! Start gathering those cards and maybe you'll be one of the lucky winners!