11 May 2010

Gaining momentum

Finished up my edits on False Dawn, my novella that's coming out from Torquere this July. Finished up the cover art form, too. Good thing, since I'm going on vacation very soon. It's great to get this ball rolling again, I must say! What I hate most about writing isn't the writing, or the editing, or the submitting manuscripts to publishers (even though I complain every time about having to write a godsdamned synopsis). It's the waiting. Waiting to hear if they want the book. Waiting for edits. Waiting for the cover art. Waiting for release day. Have I told you I'm an instant gratification junkie? I'm sure I have. Inigo Montoya said it best when he said, "I hate waiting." But now edits are in, form is in. It's out of my hands and...I wait. Ah well. At least the view is good from here. :)