16 June 2012

The results are in

The Torquere Press social media contest is concluded. Now I just have to figure out how to contact my winner. Sadly, there's only one free copy of Rose & Thorn going out. I was overly ambitious in my goal of 100 Facebook "likes". Still, it's good to see new people!

05 June 2012

Win free ebooks!

There's a social media contest being hosted by Torquere Press on both Facebook and Twitter. Go over and "like" their FB page and then check out "Recent Posts by Others". You'll find posts from Torquere authors there about their latest releases and other titles. (I'd give you the Twitter feed/hashtag/thingamajig, but I don't tweet so I don't know it. I'm sure any tweeters out there can figure it out.) Now here's the best part: there are free ebooks to be won! I quote the Torquere page, "Make sure you are checking the Recent Posts by Others box for posts from your favorite authors about book giveaways. You must like and/or comment on their post to be entered to win." It's that simple. I'll be giving away a copy of my latest, Rose & Thorn, through the contest. AND, if my own FB page, Maia Strong, Author (which I am admittedly dismal about promoting) reaches 100 likes by the end of the contest, I'll give away a second copy. The contest runs through the 15th of this month and lots of authors will be participating. Stop on by and check it out!

ETA: Link to my FB corrected.

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