22 October 2012

Countdown to Halloween

Halloween is by far my favourite holiday. I mean, okay, yes, I'm an actor and, therefore, I get to dress up in costumes a lot. But it's not the same as Halloween! Halloween is the day when everyone gets to be whoever they want to be for (at least) one day. How fun is that? We can be so mired in the day-to-day, wake-work-sleep routine that the opportunity for such blatant frivolity and living fiction is almost necessary to keep a mind sane. ... Or is that just my mind? ;-)

My costume is essentially done already. Of course, I chose not to pull from my stock this year. (What? Doesn't everyone have a personal stock of costumes?) I just had to build a new one. *rollseyes* Fortunately this one wasn't too tough and a friend of mine generously came over to help. It looks pretty damned cool, if I say so myself. I'm just waiting on the one item I had to order, and I'll be good to go! Good thing, too, since I have two parties to attend this weekend. (Making up for not going to any for the past several years.) If I get a good picture, I'll post it to Facebook.

I love October!

10 October 2012

October? You're sure about that?

There are only two clues to the fact that it is October in the Pacific Northwest.

1) No more baseball. (Playoffs only count when one's team is involved. It's been a long time since mine was involved.)
2) My car, house, and person are being bombarded by horse chestnuts.

Cliff Mass promises rain (FINALLY) late this week. I sure hope so. We need it to wash the air clean and wash the stupid out of the people. I wouldn't complain about the sun and the warmth if only we'd had any precipitation in the past eight weeks. Honestly, it's getting hard to think or focus. When I say "wash the stupid out of people," I am including myself.

Still, October, whatever the weather, means it's nearly Halloween, and this is good!

But still... Rain? Please?