09 December 2009

More Traditions

Another seasonal tradition I thoroughly enjoy is the ridiculously entertaining Haggis Hunt from TheScotsman.com. Really, it's an excuse to watch webcams of places I'd rather be (esp. Edinburgh). The hunt begins on St. Andrew's Day (of course) and ends on Burns Night (of course, again). The migration over Hogmanay (or New Year's to us New Worlders) is particularly impressive. I've been hunting haggi for years and ever once won a prize. Not even a coffee mug or a key chain. But I still get a kick out of it--if only because I can watch the sunrise on Edinburgh Castle, which I would never see were I actually in Edinburgh.

This year, a friend sent a link to something else haggis-related. It's a most...disturbing song by Peter Sellers from an album of Captain Beaky and his Band. I'd never heard of them, and I probably could have gone my whole life without hearing the song, but still it amused me. The Haggis Season mp3. Don't click unless you have Quicktime Player and a strong constitution.

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