23 April 2009

Three-Day Weekend Blog Party!

I think the world needs more three-day weekends, don't you? One per month would be a good start. To encourage this behaviour, I'm throwing a Three-day Weekend Blog Party to celebrate my upcoming print release of The Ballad of Jimothy Redwing. (Okay, okay. It comes out on Tuesday, which would make it a four-day weekend, but work with me here.)

Activities will include, but not necessarily be limited to:
  • a super-easy contest with spiffy prizes--including a Grand Prize of an autographed copy of the book in question
  • a sneak peek at my second book, Client Privileges
  • and a guest blog event over at Lucy Monroe's place (Who doesn't like to go out of town, so to speak, for a three-day weekend, right?)
So come by this Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to see what's going on! We'll party extra hard on Tuesday since that's Release Day (woo-hoo!), and on Wednesday, while we all recover from our long weekend, I'll announce contest winners.

Hope to see you around!


Jane said...

How fun. I can't wait.

Caffey said...

Hi Maia! Great to meet you and so looking forward to hearing about the book and joining in the fun on the long weekend! Congrats too on your first book!

Maia Strong said...

Thanks, Jane and Caffey! I'm looking forward to partying and chatting this weekend. Plus, I finally get to talk about my next book--and you guys will be the first to hear all about it. :D