29 April 2009

Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to party with me over the long weekend. It would have been very dull around here without you guys. And thanks to everyone who's already bought their copy. I nearly cracked Amazon's Top 10 with your help and that's pretty darned fantastic!

I have utilized our highly scientific name drawing device (i.e. slips of paper with your names on them tossed around in a basket) to select the winners for the Three-Day Blog Party Weekend celebrating the print release of The Ballad of Jimothy Redwing! And here are the exciting results!

The canvass bag goes to...


The coffee mug and tea go to...


And the winner of the autographed copy is... [drumroll]


Please email me off blog at maia [at] maiastrong [dot] com (You guys all know how to convert that to a proper email address, right? I thought so.) so I can send you your prizes. Gypsyswitch36, I'll personalize the signature for you if you want to give me a name to put in it.

Thanks again everyone! And happy reading!


Caffey said...

Thanks Maia!! And too congrats Jaunthie and gypsywithc36! This was fun Maia and getting to know you and your books!!

Jane said...

Congrats to the winners.