25 April 2009

Three-Day Weekend Blog Party 2009!

It's time to party, guys! Normally I wouldn't be up this early on a Saturday, but when it's a 3-day weekend, the rules can change. Right? Right! Sometimes that long weekend is a reason to crash out for three days; sometimes you don't want to miss a minute of it so you sieze the holiday. After all, there aren't half enough 3-day weekends in the year. I was doing a mental count the other day and came up with only five: Jan. - Martin Luther King Day; Feb. - Presidents' Day; May - Memorial Day; Sept. - Labor Day; Nov. - Veterans' Day. And I thought, 'That can't be all!' So I went googling. Seems I missed out Columbus Day in October, but since he didn't really discover America, I'm dubious on that one. Does anyone who isn't a federal employee actually observe Columbus Day? Of course there are the holidays that move around through the week: New Year's Day, Independence Day, Christmas Day. But none of those guarantees a three-day weekend.

All right. Enough of that stuff. Let's chat about why we're partying on this newly declared 3-day weekend. My first novel, The Ballad of Jimothy Redwing, comes out in PRINT on Tuesday! Whee! I'm excited. Can you tell? ;) The fact that I'm awake at 7:30 on a Saturday is evidence enough of that. Later today there will be an excerpt, so make sure you check back for that. Tomorrow I'll be giving you a sneak peek at my second novel, Client Privileges, which I recently contracted with Torquere Press. And on Monday I'm traveling over to Lucy Monroe's place to guest blog. I hope you'll visit me there. (Don't worry. I'll post a reminder here on Monday so you won't miss out.) And of course there's a CONTEST! It couldn't be easier. Just post to play. That's right. All you have to do to enter is post a comment between now and midnight PDT on Tuesday 28 April. I'll even include any comments made to my guest blog post over at Lucy's. What a deal! What's that? You want to know the prizes? Fair enough.

Grand Prize: An autographed copy of The Ballad of Jimothy Redwing. I'll even personalize it if you want me to. :D
2 First Prizes: 1) A Ballad of Jimothy Redwing coffee mug with a selection of tasty teas;
and 2) a Ballad of Jimothy Redwing tote bag so you can carry your books/groceries/anything you like in style. (I think these are both cool, so I declare them both to be First Prize. ;) )

Now I want to know how you like to spend your three-day weekends. Do you travel? Take the family camping or to Disneyland? Do you invite friends over for a barbecue? Do you stay home and do all those things you've been meaning to do if you could just get a little time off to do them? How do you mark that elusive weekend+plus+one+more+day?


JennyB said...

Hello, Maia!!

How do I spend my three-day weekends? I guess it depends. It's tough to choose between getting the hell out of Dodge and cocooning at home.
We're making our own three-day weekend next week, going to Victoria to celebrate my birthday. So yay...there's another created three-day weekend!!
Congratulations on the print release! We've already pre-ordered our copies so we can get them signed. :o)

Rhonda said...

I mainly spend my three-day weekends with my family. My hubby works 3rd shift and I work days, so weekend are the only time we get to all be together.

Congrats on the print release!

Anonymous said...

HI! What a great thing to celebrate! :D

My three-days? I steal one day from them to work on "work" because it never stops at five p.m. Then one day is for the garden, and the final day feels truly free, so that's where we escape, drive, loll, and remember why we love being with each other.

Jane said...

I would try to get all my chores and errands done early so that I can enjoy the rest of the long weekend. Going to the movies or enjoying a day at the park would work for me.

jpam1966 said...

that's easy-cabin time and then outlet mall and then read, read read!

Maia Strong said...

I like the way you guys think! These all sound like great ways to spend a long weekend--except that "work" think write-light mentioned. :-P ;-) But the rest of it... ::happy sigh:: Victoria, honey time, family time, movies, and reading, reading, reading. I think you guys are on the right track with the whole three-day weekend thing. :D

Thanks for commenting, and stick around 'cause there'll be an excerpt coming soon!

Anonymous said...

Ack! I forgot to check in yesterday, so I am commenting late.

I don't think I have a favorite way to spend a 3-day weekend. It varies depending on when it is and what else is going on it life. I like to get away somewhere for a few days, just laze around home or maybe, if I am feeling adventurous do a home improvement project (but that one is rare). Regardless, if I am with family and/or friends, I am good.

Caffey said...

Hi Maia! I love when my hubby has off for the 3 day weekend! He always has Sunday off since his work is closed but rarely has two days off in a row unless its a holiday that Monday! We love watching racing on Sundays and having our 'date' day then! It could be something as simple as cuddling up with a show on together or even going for a lunch. So we do get to get me out of the house more when he has that 3 day weekend and we love doing that together! Especially going to the library. So eventhough it just makes for a longer date weekend for us and being with him, even after soon 26 years its worth it!

Congrats on the print release! I'm thrilled to celebrate with you!

Maia Strong said...

Comments are welcome anytime, c_c67. :) Wish I had the gumption to do a home improvement project one of these long weekends. I think the last one the hubby and I undertook together was the day we ripped the crappy carpet out of the basement. That was a while ago!

Caffey, I love the sound of a date night! My hubby and I could use one (or many!) after the crazy spring we've had. Lunch and the library sounds even better than dinner and a movie right now--it's too pretty out to sit in a dark movie theatre, but the library has windows. :)

Thanks for commenting, you two!