26 April 2009

How a novel got its name

Jane reminded me that there's a story behind not just the book, but the title of the book: Client Privileges. (Thanks, Jane!)

So, as I said, I wrote the manuscript while I was waiting to hear back from Samhain on The Ballad of Jimothy Redwing. That would have been in summer/fall of 2007. Like ...Jimothy the story didn't have a title when I started. Nor did it have a title by the time I'd finished it. In fact, it went through three beta readers without a title. Finally, I decided to enlist some help. I posted the blurb I'd written, gave a wee bit of information, and begged for suggestions. I got lots of really good ones! Over time, I whittled it down to my short list and in the end the one that landed on top was Client Privileges. That title happened to be suggested by Kate Davies. I don't know if she remembers, but I promised that whichever title made it to print, the person who suggested it would win a free ebook copy. Of course, it hasn't made it to print quite yet so I'm not making her any promises. I still have the back-up list handy just in case. ;-)


Kate Davies said...

I did? Wow, no memory of that whatsoever. Was just thinking how much I liked the title, though, so clearly I'm still fond of it. :)

Maia Strong said...

Ah, how quickly they forget. Good thing I have a file to help you remember. ;)

Jane said...

Congrats to Kate for coming up with a great title.