05 May 2008

Writing Exercise

The round robin at Slash & Burn finished up today. It was a fascinating and fun exercise for me to participate. I don't know any of the other authors personally and am not familiar yet with their works and styles, so trying to write my rounds so they would jive with the others was challenging. I don't know how well I succeeded. lol

Most of my round robin work has been with a friend I've known for over 20 years. We started writing together in the 1980s and have kept up the tradition on an irregular but not infrequent basis. This was very different. She and I have different styles but over the years we've learned to blend them. There are times when I can't remember which of us wrote a particular installment, for example. We've both gotten pretty good at picking up on the clues we leave one another in each round. In the Slash & Burn story, it was a toss up what, if anything, each author would take from the previous one(s). Often they didn't take the path I would have, but that's part of the fun of communal writing. It's like one of those old "choose your own adventure" books, only you're making it up as you go along.

I had a good time. Hopefully we'll do another one sometime--but without the vampires, please.

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