12 May 2008


Check it out:

Until this weekend, the last pro baskeball game I had attended was in 1977.

This past Saturday, the hubby and I were going to go to an event.

We were offered tickets to see a Storm pre-season game with friends who had extras.

We declined due to the afformentioned event.

An hour or so passed.

The hubby discovered that the event happened the previous Saturday.

I suggest seeing if the basketball tickets are still available.

By luck, they are.

We attend.

Two of the seats are courtside; two are in row 14; all are in the same section.

We girls sit down front for the first half and swap with the boys for the second half.

As we swap I hear my name shouted from farther up.

It is a good friend from college whom I've not seen in more than six years.

(Think the kismet stops there? Hang onto your hat...)

She was offered tickets by a friend, but declined due to other plans.

Those plans were cancelled/fell through/somethingorother.

She called her friend back but the tickets were no longer available.

Her friend called another friend who called her to say, "I have tickets for tonight that I'm not using. Would you like them?"

She said, "Yes!"

Those tickets were in the same section as ours.

Thirteen dozen layers of coincidence later, we hugged a lot, chatted a bit, I gave her a card and told her about my book, and I wrote my phone numbers on the back.

She will, of course, be invited to my release party in June. :-)

Oh. And the Storm won the game.

How freakin' awesome was that? :-D

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