20 May 2008

Map me!

Nicked this from Kate Davies lovely blog. There are some serious gaps in my travel. ::sigh::


Kate Davies said...

You've been much further North than me. That's something I have to remedy. (And no, I'm not trying to rhyme.)

I'm thinking, however, that I have to hit some locales in the Southern Hemisphere first. A teaching colleague spent a year in Antarctica. I was always a bit envious, which is strange because I hate being cold.

Maia Strong said...

I believe my northmost location is Bergen, Norway. It was in late May or early June so the sun was up until something like 11pm and it was bright and full again by 4am. Crazy!

I, too, need to hit the southern hemisphere, but I'm aiming for New Zealand, Australia, Bali, Sumatra...