08 May 2008

TRS Studio Diva Contest

I'm not a participant in this contest so I feel free to talk it up with impunity. ;) I went to the site yesterday and read all--yes, all--of the entries. I narrowed down my list of preferred entries to five and if you want to know the numbers I'll be posting them at the end here. Just skip it if you want to read the entries with an unbiased eye. I'm not saying which one I voted for. If you read the ones on my short list and you know me, you'll likely be able to make a good guess at it anyway. Here's a link to the contest. TRS Studio Diva Contest

ETA: In all my recoding of this post (Not really happy with blogspot on its formatting quirks.) I forgot to point out my one disappointment with the contest. All of the entries were het. What up with that? The designated scenario was perfectly gender-neutral, so why no m/m or f/f?






Okay. That looks like enough room to me. My short list of contest entries is:

31480; 47639; 59346; 62590; 2799

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