11 June 2008

Thank you! and Winners!

Thanks to everyone who came to my pre-release blog party! It would've been awfully dull without you guys. :)

Without further delay, here are the winners, chosen by the highly scientific method of printing out names, cutting them apart, and drawing them from a bowl....

The Jot-a-thought Notebook goes to CrystalGB, by random chance the first person to post to the party and the first name to be drawn from the big blue bowl!

The silver music charm goes to carrot-cake67!

The winner of the notecards is Jane!

And the grand prize winner who gets her very own free dowload of my book is ... ::drumroll:: ... Kaye!

Email me with your mailing addresses, please, ladies at maiastrong (at) earthlink (dot) net. (You all know how to do the converstions so that's a real email right? ;) ) And Kaye, please let me know what format you'd like your book in.

Thanks again everyone!


CrystalGB said...

Thank you Maia! I have sent you an email. Congratulations to all the winners.

Jane said...

Thanks, Maia. Congrats to the other winners.

SunKrux said...

sorry I didn't hang out more. I got lazy and busy. LOL