03 June 2008

Cover Flats

I got the cover flats for ...Jimothy Redwing today. They arrived much quicker than I anticiapted, although I'd been told that VistaPrint is generally speedier than they say on the website. They're awfully purty! And for my first time at ordering something like this, I think I did okay. A little more direction would have been nice, but I can't complain since they were practically free. Anyway, they're here in plenty of time for the release party I'm having for my local friends. Yay!


Kate Davies said...

Yay! Told ya they'd get here quickly. :) You should post a picture of them -- you know, on your blog or something.


Maia Strong said...

I could post a picture, but it'd be another picture of the book cover. ;)

Kate Davies said...

details, details... LOL!

Guess I'll have to wait to see them in person, then. :)

Maia Strong said...

And the sooner the better, too. :)