06 June 2008

Don't miss out! Guest blogger Saturday!

While I was participating in Samhain's contest last summer, there were a number of entries that caught my eye. Each week--once I'd check to see if I made it, of course ;)--I would check to see if those other entries had, too. One of those entries just happened to belong to Maria Zannini who made it to the finish line and whose book, Touch of Fire, came out in May. She has kindly agreed to guest blog here tomorrow. How awesome is that? So make sure to stop by tomorrow to learn a little about her. You'll be sad if you miss it. I know you will.

And remember that I'll be back again on Sunday with another excerpt. This one'll be more [R] than [PG]. ;)


SunKrux said...

Looking forward to the guest blogger. :D

Maia Strong said...

Then hie the to today's post! It's a good one and I'm very pleased that Maria agreed to come and guest blog. :D