28 January 2008

Silent reading

That was always my favourite subject in school. ;)

I finished reading Lucy Monroe's Deal With This over the weekend. I must say the woman writes some damned fine sex. :D The hero and heroine were nicely flawed, you know what I mean? Each had issues to work through, but not such that they were crippling to either of them, nor were they tedious to me as the reader. I get tired of woe-is-me characters. These most decidedly were not that. Strong but flawed, yeah. Lucy Monroe is very good at finding that balance in these lead characters.

I really dug the secondary characters, too: the housemates and co-workers of the heroine, Jillian; her best friend and bestfriend's family; the hero's (Alan) boss (We don't really meet any of the other people in his life. He's undercover, after all.). They were well fleshed out, multidimensional, fun. In short, I would go out drinking with these people--and that's about the highest compliment I can give fictional people.

The stolen technology plot was cool, too. I wish there'd been more of that along with everything else, but that's my own bias in favor of spy movies and action/adventure coming through. I love that stuff. I suppose, though, that all the hot sex was a fair exchange. ;D


Kate Davies said...

So glad you liked it, Maia! *wipes sweat off brow* It's always a nervous-making experience recommending books to friends, especially when they're a different genre than y'all usually read.

And if you liked Simon and Amanda, you really should read The Real Deal. That's where Jillian first appeared, and it's a very fun book.

Now, you have to read Hot Target and tell me what you think!

Maia Strong said...
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Maia Strong said...

I need to finish The Changeling first. Then my next will be Hot Target. Can't read two romances in a row. Must change flavors with each book to keep the palate fresh, doncha know.

And in amongst all of that I need to finish the novel I'm working on. It's NaNoFinMo, right? Must Fin that No. ;) Then maybe I can borrow The Real Deal from you.

Lucy Monroe said...

Thank you!!!! I hear you are going to have a m/m romance out with Samhain. I can't wait to read it! :)