11 January 2008

Origins and things

My friend Kate pimped my site on her blog (Thanks, Kate!) and it made me think two things.

One: I should link to Samhain's Best First Line Contest from last summer. See, that's how I won the opportunity to submit my manuscript. So here's that link. Samhain blog - 1st lines

Two: I should pimp my friend Kate's stuff, too. It is, after all, the only hetsmut that I read. ;) (Okay, I've read a few others, but hers are the best. And I'm going to read two more that I bought on her recommendation. I know she wouldn't let me down.) So first, check out her blog. Kate Davies Blogs! And next, go check out her books over on MBaM. Kate Davies' titles. She's got a new one coming out, too. If you've read her blog like I told you to, you know that already.

Thanks again, Kate!

1 comment:

Kate Davies said...

Uber-happy to do it, dear! You know I'm still turning cartwheels over the fact that you sold. Smooches.

And thanks for the plug, too! You rock!