05 September 2009

Scavenger Hunt!

Okay, so apparently I'm crazy because I've decided, quite out of the blue, to host a scavenger hunt this weekend. Whee!

Here is a list of the URLs where you can find the answers (I've even included a link to this very blog. How easy is that?), and I believe I have provided ample clues for you to search out everything.


Here are the questions you need to answer correctly:

What grade I was in when I first read The Lord of the Rings?
What new activity do I love to do?
On April 26, I blogged about the title of my new book Client Privileges. Who came up with the title?
On August 1, I blogged about my interview with Whipped Cream. What did I tell them is my favorite food?
I post every other Tuesday on Slash & Burn. What was my most recent subject line?
On April 27, I was fortunate enough to be the guest of the lovely and talented Lucy Monroe. Where did I get half of the name of the hero of The Ballad of Jimothy Redwing?

Collect up your answers and send them to me using the “Contact Maia” form on my website. I’ve even added a box especially for the Scavenger Hunt to make it that much easier. You have until MIDNIGHT Pacific Daylight Time on Tuesday 8 September to get your responses in. I’ll pick a winner from among all those with the correct answers and post that person’s name when I post the winners of the regular blog party contest. What’s the prize? How about either an electronic copy of either The Ballad of Jimothy Redwing or Client Privileges? Sound good? :D

Good hunting to you!


Anonymous said...

Cool!! contest and scavenger hunt!! Weeeee!!!


Maia Strong said...

Heya, c_c67! Glad to see you made it!

ddurance said...

Just sent mine in. *crossing fingers*