08 September 2009

Character Interview Day!

Today is your chance to get to know the heroes of Client Privileges a little better. You've already read their excerpts—and wasn't it generous of them to share? Well, now I'm happy to announce that Jonas and Micah agreed to answer a few questions.

MS: So, Jonas, do you have a favorite childhood memory? And if you, would you share it with us?
Jonas: Th-thanks for starting with an easy question. When I was a ch-child, my mom would walk me to school every morning. It was our time to b-be t-together without her b-being distracted by work, or visitors, or cooking dinner, or my f-f-father. I l-loved going to school everyday because it meant I got to spend that time b-beforehand with my mom. I hope that d-doesn't s-sound, I d-don't know, unmanly.
MS: I don't think it sounds at all unmanly. I think that's the sort of thing readers like to learn. And since we're talking about school, did you have a favorite subject?
Jonas: I did. You'd th-think it was l-law, wouldn't you? I mean, that's what I ch-chose for a l-living. But actually it was music. There was a b-bard named B-Benedict who came to our school once a f-fortnight, and of course I s-studied harpsichord at home.
MS: We'll let Jonas off the hook for a minute and talk to Micah. So, Micah, we've seen from yesterday's excerpt how you and Jonas met. (And thanks for that, by the way. Rowr!) I suspect many readers would be curious to know how you got into your line of work. Would you mind sharing a bit about that with us?
Micah: I don't mind at all. When I first came to Kanbec, I had dreams of becoming a bard. I traveled from Zephren, which is to the west, and Korpi is near the mountains on the eastern border of Kanbec. Well, by the time I got all the way across the country, I realized I had to settle down and find a proper job, a home. You know, generally start behaving like a responsible adult. Kanbec has a very complex apprentice-journeyman-master system. I can't begin to make sense of it all. Jonas could tell you more about that than I can.
Jonas: We don't want to bore them, s-so I'll pass on that.
Micah: That's probably a good idea. Anyway, there weren't a lot of good jobs I could get without going through the system, and I was already too old to start that sort of process. The small gods of fortune were smiling on me, though, because through happy chance, I discovered I could enter the Whore's Guild as a full journeyman by simply passing their tests. I won't go into detail about what that entailed. People can read our story and come up with their own conclusions on what the exam process was like.
MS: So you like your job, then? You're happy with your choice?
Micah: Absolutely! I've been very lucky. I found a place where I can work the hours that suit me and where there's opportunity for advancement. Our madam is one of the best in the city, too. And the Guild provides for all my health care, which is great.
MS: Hmmm. If only that could be said of the world I live in. But I digress. You said you wanted to be a bard originally?
Micah: Gods. You had to ask. All right. I can sing, and I can tell a decent story, but the whole playing a musical instrument thing utterly escapes me. I'm much better with people, if you know what I mean.
MS: I think I do, yes, and again we'll let the readers learn about that from the book. Jonas.
Jonas: Yes?
MS: You have a cat.
Jonas: Yes, I do.
MS: How did you get him? Did you have any pets when you were growing up?
Jonas: My f-folks didn't allow p-pets. I was starting my l-last year of university when I f-found Durward. It was the r-rainy season. My dorm room was on the s-second floor, and one evening, after a r-really heavy storm, I heard this s-sad little s-sound outside. I opened the window, and there was this tiny, yellow kitten on the stone l-ledge. I haven't a clue how he got up there, but I'm g-glad he d-did.
MS: I bet he's glad, too, despite the name you gave him.
Jonas: It s-suits him, I think.
MS: I'm afraid I'm forced to agree. All right. Thank you, gentlemen, for taking the time to talk to us today. If anyone has anything else they'd like to ask Jonas and Micah while they're here hanging out with me, please don't hesitate to chime in.


Anonymous said...

Cute interview! But you should have given poor Jonas a stiff drink or three beforehand. He probably would have been more relaxed after a spiced pumpkin martini or five. ;-)

Maia Strong said...

You're right. At the very least, I owe Jonas a glass of wine, possibly even a shot of barley liquor. ;)

Karin said...

What a nice interview. I can't think of anything to ask either Micah or Jonas, but I am looking forward to reading their story.

Maia Strong said...

Thanks, Karin. :)

ddurance said...

I'm curious about what kind of health care Micah is concerned about. lol


Maia Strong said...

I his line of work, proper medical coverage and preventative care is a MUST! ;)