02 January 2009

Friday Quizzage!

Let's hope I do better in 2009. ;-)

You Remember 40% of 2008

Okay, you were somewhat paying attention during 2008.

But you're not going to impress anyone with your knowledge of what went down.

You know the basics about what went down, but little else...

Let's just say you won't be writing the history book for 2008.


Kate Davies said...

I remember 80%. Clearly, I'm paying too much attention and should be writing more. :) Happy New Year!

Maia Strong said...

And yet you still got more published than I did. Don't worry. I'm not bitter. ;)

Jane said...

You Remember 90% of 2008
You were paying attention during 2008.
And you remember what happened really well.

I think it would be better if I just forget about 2008.

Maia Strong said...

Jane, I know lots of folks who would be happy to forget 2008. I hope 2009 is much improved for you!