24 December 2008

What's she reading this Wednesday?

What else? Suzanne Brockmann's All Through the Night. I love Jules and Robin and now I finally get to read their HEA. And it's even seasonal. :D I've read three others of her books, and I've thoroughly enjoyed them all. Of course, they all had a lot of Jules in them, so how could I not, right? If you've not had the pleasure of reading any of her books, I highly recommend diving into Hot Target. It's number eight in her Troublshooters series, but it's where Jules and Robin's story begins and that's what it's all about for me. So Hot Target, then Breaking Point, and Force of Nature. Then and only then may you read All Through the Night. But don't worry. It won't take long to get throught the first three; they're all very tough to put down once you start reading. And it's so worth it! Hie thee to the bookstore and pick up all four titles. If the weather around you is anything like the weather around me, you'll need some good books to keep you warm.

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