21 December 2008

Global Climate Change

No, I'm not going to go all envrionmentalist and political on you today. I am environmentalist and political at times, but not just now. I just want to do a bit of compare and contrast with these two photos of the antique rose bush outside my house. The first was taken on 31 Dec 06. The second was taken this morning, 21 Dec 07.

Weirdest part is, it has snowed three times here in the last week, and each time there's been some snow left when the next snow fell. That just doesn't happen here. Normally, if we get any snow at all, it stays for 24 hours or less, and then melts away. This year we've had record low temperatures. The other morning it was 12.1 F in our back yard. The city just doesn't get that cold! It's crazy! We're basically shut down until this passes. They've good about sanding the hills and whatnot, but being the short-sighted city that we are, we're just not prepared for this sort of thing. I'm so glad that we got all our shopping and errands done yesterday! My hubby tried skiing a bit this morning, but apparently there's a layer of freezing rain over the nice, fluffy snow. So now he's walking over to the donut shop to see if they're open. I hope so. I'd love a donut for breakfast today. Much easier than the pancakes I was going to make. ;)

Happy Solstice!


Arden said...

We've got at least 6 inches of snow here in Vancouver. People are complalining but it's not that cold. With the wind chill it was -15C a couple of days ago. It's supposed to keep snowing all week.

Maia Strong said...

I've been meaning to ask how it is up there. We got more snow this afternoon on top of what came down overnight, with more predicted for tonight/tomorrow. We're missing a Solstice party tonight because it's just not safe on the roads. :(