08 October 2008

It's Wednseday. What's she reading?

This week (and probably next week, too) I'm reading Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey. It was recommended to me several years ago by one friend and then again recently by another friend who went so far as to thrust her copy of it into my hands. The author has created a fascinating and complex world. A country of people descended from apostles and angels, who love beauty above all else, and who live by the rule "Love as thou wilt."

The heroine, Phedre, is born to a woman of the Night Court, sold into indentured servitude, and purchased by a nobleman with political secrets and plans. She becomes a part of his household and at the same time a living tool that he uses to gain information. I'm barely over a quarter of the way in--it's 900+ pages--and I am hooked. At least for this book. It's not easy reading; I'd put it somewhere between Gael Baudino and Robert Heinlein in density of verbiage. But so far my friends have not steered my wrong. I can put it down with relative easy, but I am always excited to pick it up again later.

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