02 October 2008

Banned books week - Day 4

This time I'm not blogging about something I read for school. (Not that I read Phantom Tollbooth for school, either, now that I think about it. Anyway...) You'd expect it was for school. Maybe some heavy (or just pretentious) English Lit class from college or something, but you'd be mistaken. See, I read this one for fun. Remember that, okay? Because I'm going to tell you what it is and you're not going to believe me. Ready?

Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott.

Yep. I read it for fun. I know. I'm a sick puppy. I have a good reason though. Want to hear it? Okay. Anthony Andrews. See, he was in the TV movie of Ivanhoe 1982. ::happy sigh:: I look at the cast now over on IMDb and I realize there were a load of amazing actors in that movie, but I only remember Anthony Andrews. When he didn't choose Lady Rowena (the Saxon, which would have pissed off the Norman lords) and instead chose Rebecca (the Jewish woman, which pissed off everyone - including Rebecca)... ::chuckle:: Loved it.

I didn't read the novel then. Gods no! Precious (and pretentious) as I was in 1982, I wasn't stupid enough to think I could actually read that book. I read it later. Maybe in the early 1990s. I'm not entirely sure. I thought I'd never make it through when I got to the multiple pages (3? 7? 20?) describing this Cardinal and his train of attendants and followers in complete detail all the way down to the two Saxon pig herders, but I slogged on and eventually got into and through it. Finished it and everything. And didn't throw it across the room. ;) It wasn't as good as watching Anthony Andrews on the telly, but it was still very enjoyable. (And wouldn't Sir Walter Scott be oh so pleased to hear it put that way. LOL. I console myself with the reassurance that if he could see Anthony Andrews in the role, Sir Walter would agree.)

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