27 March 2008

I admit it

Instead of proofing the novel I finished recently, I'm digging through Samhain's Coming Soon pages looking for evidence that other winners of the contest I won are being published, too. So far I've identified these two:

Touch of Fire by Maria Zannini
All that Glitters by Aislinn Kerry

I thought I had another when I saw "pirate", but the coming soon title is an historical and the winning first line is clearly a sci-fi.

More may show up over time as more titles are added to the "coming soon" pages. These are only the ones releasing through 22 July.


Aislinn Kerry said...

*waves* Hi fellow winner! Your blog post just popped up on my Google alert.

Congrats on the acceptance! When's your release date?

Kate Davies said...

That's so cool! What a fabulous hook for a group promo -- "look at last year's winners of the first line contest!"

I see list mom days in your future.

Maia Strong said...

Hi, Aislinn! Gongrats to you, too!

Mine releases on 10 June. :)

Maia Strong said...

Excellent idea, Kate! The winners could get togther once our titles are out or if/when Samhain chooses to do another first line contest, and host a day on the cafe. :D