11 March 2008

Dream, dream, dream

I dreamed this morning that I'd sold a particular short story. Since that story is currently with my editor at Samhain, I'm hoping the dream was prophetic. Time will tell.

Since there's nothing else doing right now, I'll tell you a little about the story in question, shall I? It's about 25,000 words long and I wrote it last year for Samhain's Gay Valentine Anthology open submission. Obviously it wasn't chosen, but having since seen the three that were, I can understand why. They settled on a theme of "serving" - serving country, serving time, serving...something I don't remember - and this story doesn't fit with that at all. It's in the same universe as the novel I sold, though, and it's just as m/m erotic romancy as the novel, so I have high hopes that my editor will like it. The biggest challenge of writing it wasn't the length requirement or the genre; it was incorporating Valentine's Day into a world that doesn't have it. It doesn't even have saints, as a matter of fact. I think I did a pretty good job of it, considering. :)


Kate Davies said...

And it is one hella fine story, indeed!

Fingers crossed that the dream was truly prophetic. This novella rocks!

Maia Strong said...

Thanks, Kate! It wouldn't be nearly so good if I hadn't had such an outstanding beta reader. :D