28 June 2013

Historic Victories!

I've been wondering for two days now what to say about the historic rulings by SCOTUS (which always looks naughty to me, right up there with FLOTUS and POTUS, srsly) this week declaring California's Prop H8 and the evil that is DOMA (mostly) dead. There's so much to say, and most of it has already been said by people more eloquent on political matters than I. These are wins. They are BIG WINS. Yet the latter is only a partial BIG WIN. Give it a couple of years, and by default if nothing else, the rest of DOMA will finally fall into the landfill of history, but there is still a distance to be traveled. Fortunately, we as a nation seem finally to be moving forward once again on the road to true equality under the law. Plus, of course, gay marriage will save the economy!

Meanwhile, in Texas, in an effort that would have made Hercules's demi-god testicles wither like raisins, State Senator Wendy Davis filibustered the living shit out of a load of fuckwitted good ol' boys and their anti-woman/anti-abortion initiative. (See? I told you others were more eloquent than I when it comes to politics.) And to top off that event, said good ol' boys actually tried to FALSIFY GOVERNMENT RECORDS regarding the vote. Uh... No, boys. The media may have had their heads in the sand while Senator Davis took y'all on, but the people (You know, the ones whom you're supposed to be working for?) were watching. And they told the whole goddamned internet what kind of illegal bullshit you tried to pull. You can follow a timeline of events here. It's worth waiting for it all to load and reading the whole thing. Trust me. And if the whole falsifying the vote thing bugs you as much as it does me, there's a handy petition you can sign. (Try to ignore the poor grammar; when one is impassioned and in a hurry, one doesn't always punctuate correctly.)

So, as we move into Pride Weekend here, it will indeed be an epic and joyous celebration. One that is hard-fought and well-deserved. And when the partying is over, it's time for all of us to get back to work, because, gods dammit, we aren't done yet.

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