10 October 2012

October? You're sure about that?

There are only two clues to the fact that it is October in the Pacific Northwest.

1) No more baseball. (Playoffs only count when one's team is involved. It's been a long time since mine was involved.)
2) My car, house, and person are being bombarded by horse chestnuts.

Cliff Mass promises rain (FINALLY) late this week. I sure hope so. We need it to wash the air clean and wash the stupid out of the people. I wouldn't complain about the sun and the warmth if only we'd had any precipitation in the past eight weeks. Honestly, it's getting hard to think or focus. When I say "wash the stupid out of people," I am including myself.

Still, October, whatever the weather, means it's nearly Halloween, and this is good!

But still... Rain? Please?

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