25 August 2011

Help an actor out?

Jalyn Green surgery fund

On August 13th, moments before the final bows of the season, one of our amazing actors took a hard fall. Not knowing the extent of the damage, Jalyn Green continued onto the stage and limped through his final two scenes of Antony and Cleopatra.

After the show, we sent him to the hospital. The prognosis: a broken fibula that required surgery. The surgery went very well and he is now resting while the plate and pins set in his bone.

Like many actors, Jalyn does not have insurance and works in the service industry. Accidents like this are all of our greatest fear, especially in tough financial times.

GreenStage has created the Jalyn Green Surgery Fund to help this fine young actor with his expenses from the surgery and his anticipated income loss, as he is unable to work for the next few weeks.

Anything you can give is a help and we thank you on his behalf.

Jalyn is shown here as the Soothsayer wtih McKenna Turner in Antony and Cleopatra. Photo by Melizabethe Photogrphy

I don't know Jalyn well, but I've met him a few times and he's a good guy. He's also a wonderful actor and he needs our help. Please click the link up above or right down here and donate whatever you can spare to help him out. Times are tough enough, and when unexpected expenses occur it can be devastating. Just a few moments of your time and a few dollars out of your pocket can make a huge difference here. Skip that latte for one day and donate the $3-$4 to the Jalyn Green Surgery Fund. Please. Every penny helps.

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