04 March 2011

International Sex Worker Rights Day

Did you know that March 3 was International Sex Worker Rights Day? Nor did I until I saw a link on Babeland's Facebook page and followed it to this Babeland Blog Post. I wish I had known. I'd've prepared an interview with Micah Hartshorn, one of the heroes from my novel Client Privileges. For those who haven't met Micah, he is a sex worker or, in the simpler parlance of his culture, a professional whore. In the city of Korpi, the Whores' Guild is like any other professional Guild. Think of it as a union, a union with rules that must be followed but which also protects its members' health, safety, and livelihood. I'm sure he would have a great deal to say about how our culture should decriminalize and destigmatize his chosen profession. He could talk about the rights his government gives him through the Guild, like the right to refuse service to any client; or the benefits it provides, like quarterly heath screenings and free birth control for men and women. He could talk about industry-standard pricing structures, seniority, and job security. But when it comes down to it, he'd probably rather talk about the work itself--as long as it didn't violate client privacy regulations. But, in lieu of all that, maybe you should just go read, or re-read, the book. I'm sure Micah wouldn't mind. ;-)

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