22 November 2010

I'm sorry, but *what* season is this?

I know there are places in North America where snow in mid- to late-November is commonplace. Places were people don't blink when, days before Thanksgiving, the temperature and the snow fall. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM. And yet, here I sit, while outside my living room window, the wind blows about the snow that fell today, making it look as though it is still snowing. Now, it didn't snow all day, nor did it snow terribly heavily, but any snow when it is still technically autumn, is more than a little mind-bending. And this was enough to accumulate on the trees, cars, and sidewalks, and even the street out front has got some left from this morning and a fresh coating over that. Weird. Weird, weird, weird.

On the positive side, I didn't have anywhere I had to go, plenty to do inside my house, and cozy kitties to keep me company. I'll be going out tonight for my friend's birthday, though. Fortunately she only lives a few miles away.

Also on the positive side, the weather gave me a great excuse to sit on my butt and pound out today's word count for NaNoWriMo. It's not even 5:00 and the laundry's done and I've written 2500 words on my NaNovel. And the show sure has been pretty to look at. And yet... IT'S NOVEMBER, NOT JANUARY!

Okay. I'm over it now. Or I will be. Eventually. When it melts.


ETA: I take it back. We're not going out tonight to celebrate my friend's b-day. The hill is, naturally, slicker than snot, and I won't ask the hubs to go driving on that. He could handle it. It's the idiots and the unlucky I fear.

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