31 August 2010

Torquere's Lucky 7 Anniversary Festivities!

Hey there, gang! It's Torquere's 7th Anniversary and we're all celebrating! I'll be participating in the scavenger hunt and there are some seriously cool prizes to be won! Just check out the official press release below. Yeah. Right there. ::points:: Check it out!

ETA: I believe that the contest link (below) won't be active/up-to-date until tomorrow. So if you click through and it doesn't look quite right, just give it until 1 September. Then...a-hunting we will go, a-hunting we will go, heigh-ho the derry-o a-hunting we will go!

Torquere Press Celebrates 7th Anniversary!

Seven years?! No, we can hardly believe it either. Seven years of bringing readers the best, the sexiest, the most romantic GLBT fiction. And to celebrate, we're giving away prizes -- great themed gift baskets, gift certificates for free books every day, and a scavenger hunt that will give readers a chance to collect a deck of cards that will win big - -a Nook from Barnes & Noble!

Readers will get the chance to "collect cards" by visiting each participating author's website, blog, or Facebook page. By collecting all the cards and filling in the form, players have the chance to win free books daily, a gift basket once each week, (including BDSM, werewolf and ménage themed baskets), and be entered in the grand prize drawing for the Nook.

We'll also be having random sales via our blog, GLBT Romance, Facebook, and Twitter:

With bestselling GLBT romance authors like Chris Owen, Tory Temple, Kiernan Kelly, P.D.Singer, Sean Michael, and B.A. Tortuga, you'll have a blast playing along. Just log onto Torquere Press website http://www.torquerepress.com/contest/index.html
Check out the contest page, and start hunting!

So, ya feel lucky, dude? Let's play!

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