24 July 2010

False Dawn - Space Barbecue!

It's SATURDAY and the weather here in deep space is perfect for a backyard barbecue in the hydroponics bay! I've got the plasma grill going and there are burgers (bothy synthesized proteins and real beef!) ready to go on it. Pour yourself a space beer or mix up a space cocktail and make yourselves at home. The UV rays are strictly monitored so there's no need for sunscreen, and on of the best things about barbecuing in deep space... no bugs!

Our hero, Galen, is a big fan of chili cheese dogs and fries, while his hubby is more into broiled salmon and rice pilaf. Me, I'm happy either way. ;-) I think at this bbq, Galen would toss a big T-bone on the grill and Dayan will probably go for some lovely fish cooked in a foil packet with lemon slices and dill. I'm just having a burger, with cheddar cheese of course!

Usually at a summer barbecue I like to bring the fabulous and simple orzo salad I got off of Space Food Network. It's just orzo, arugula, dried cherries, crumbled myzithra cheese, and a little olive oil and lemon juice, and S&P.

While I'm opening the beers, tell me, what do you like to bring to a potluck or barbecue? Do you have your "usual" or do you like to mix it up?


Erika said...

I am not nearly as creative as you. I like bringing a simple pasta salad. Congrats on another release!!

Jaunthie said...

I like to bring a big green salad to share, and some steak for the barbeque. And the verification system has refused to authenticate me three times now, so I'll just have to sign this and go with the "Anonymous" option.


Maia Strong said...

Erika - It's more Giada's creativity than mine. ;) And I love a good pasta salad!

Jaunthie - It may not have told you it authenticated you, but it posted fine. :) Ah, green salad and steak! I often enjoy the latter atop the former. Mmm...steak salad!

Kate Davies said...

For the past several years, I have been forbidden from bringing anything to potlucks except for my apple crisp and vanilla ice cream. The crisp recipe I got from Sunset magazine years ago; it's got pecans in the topping that just make the dish.

Dang. Now I'm hungry.

Maia Strong said...

Dude. Sounds fabulous! Especially since a friend just brought me several pounds of transparent apples. I shall be baking tomorrow. :)