11 March 2009

What's she reading this Wednesday?

In spite of the fact that it is Read an EBook Week, I'm not. I did recently read Kirsten Saell's third ebook, Bound by Steel, which I thoroughly enjoyed. If you like your fantasy hot and spicy, definitely check her out. This one follows Gil and Lianon from her first book, Crossing Swords, and the young woman, Kaela, whom they rescued from a particularly nasty situation. Seriously, if you haven't read her stuff, what in the world are you wating for?

What I am reading this Read an EBook Week, is Lauren Willig's The Deception of the Emerald Ring. It's her third in the world of historian and grad student Eloise Kelly as she researches florally themed British spies in 1803. While these books are all great fun, I'm a bit disappointed in the editing on this one. I'm really bad about repetitive word/phrase usage when I write, so it's one of those things that leaps out at me when I'm reading someone else's work. This book is loaded with them, I'm afraid. Thrice in three pages some one did something with "more vigor than strictly necessary" (or a close variation thereof); twice in two pages "certain parts of his anatomy" had their own ideas. Come on. Whoever is editing these needs to step it up and do the job right. I hate when editors/publishers get lazy just because an author is critically and/or financially successful. That doesn't mean the author doesn't still need a skilled support team. Anyway, I wouldn't tell you to skip this one just because of this problem. It's still a fun book--even if I did have to put it down and leave it for a couple of weeks in the beginning because I was so annoyed at the characters' behaviour. I got past that and have otherwise enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to reading the fourth one, The Tempation of the Night Jasmine, when it's released in paperback. I just hope someone bothered to edit it properly.

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Kate Davies said...

You know I'm almost as fussy about grammar as you are, and I thoroughly enjoyed book four. Fingers crossed you don't run into anything that bugs you in that one!