10 April 2008


I celebrated my b-day by going to the spa to soak in hot water with friends. I also got a body scrub and a moisture treatment from a small, powerful Korean woman. Bliss!

Came home to a purry kitty and a honey who bought me a pot of pretty flowers. Yay!

Catching up on email, I got one from my editor with the first round edits on my novel! Whee!

Happy birthday to me! ::happy dancing--in the mellowest sense of the term:: ;D


Kate Davies said...

I'm whipping myself with a wet noodle for missing your birthday. Sorry about that! The spa day sounds lovely. Hope you enjoyed it!

And congrats on getting your edits! I got mine last night from Siren -- we should compare notes!

Maia Strong said...

The spa day was lovely, thanks!

I'm now off to dive into edits, which I expect is where you are, too. Methinks it's gonna be a long day. ;-P