25 February 2008


There are a lot of exerpts to read on the Samhain Cafe. Today esp. since tomorrow is release day, but lots in general. I don't read many because I know what I like and if I can tell from the blurb that something's not my bag, I skip it. No harm, no foul. Only there was a title the other week that I thought might be cool and fun, so I started reading one of the two posted exerpts. ... The author lost me with one word. One stinking word. ::sigh:: I hate that. I can't entirely blame them, or anyone else, when something truly tiny just shuts me right out of an otherwise good read. On the other hand, when it's something I consider very basic and simple and easy to get right, I can't help but get a bit pissy about it. Of course that leads me to wondering if or when I might be making the same piddly sort of mistakes. Gods, I hope I don't, but there's the fatalistic part of me that figures it's inevitable. I suppose it's one of the advantages to writing in a fictional universe though; I don't have to know the dialect-specific quirks and turns of phrase of another region than my own because all the regions I write about are inside my wee brain. I'm making them up and they can talk any way I want. They still need to be consistent, but no one else can say, "Hey! No one from CityXYZ would ever say that!" because, hey, my city, my rules. ;)

Am I the only one who goes whacko about tiny shit like this? Seriously. I know I'm a grammar freak and other things where language is concerned, but I can't be the only one. Can I?


Kate Davies said...

Generally, I'm like you -- very grammar and spelling oriented. I've been known to contact stores to let them know they've got something spelled wrong on their readerboard. And heaven help the person who mixes up baited and bated!

On the other hand, I found out today that my HERO'S NAME was wrong on the official blurb for my new book, so I'm not really one to talk at the moment. Sigh. :-P

Maia Strong said...

Oh dear. Have they gotten it sorted out yet? I'll have to go and see. *hugs*